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How to perform a clinical evaluation of medical devices – Part 3 – Suggested Table of Contents for the Clinical Evaluation Report – CER

Observation 1 – This is the third installment of my series on medical device clinical evaluation. I suggest reading the first part at ( to have a better understanding of the concepts so the understanding of this part is easier).

The Clinical Evaluation Report – CER is the document which contains the results of the – application of the clinical evaluation requirements and process by the manufacturer, for a medical device. The MDR and also current MEDDEV 2.7.1 Rev 4 – Clinical Evaluation contains general information on the contents of the CER (the MEDDEV also provides a suggestion for a general TOC, however, they are too general and high level. We’ve been using a modified TOB based on the activities mentioned in the first post of this series ( european-commission/medical-device-regulation/how-to-perform-a-clinical-evaluation-of- medical-devices-part-1-overview-and-sample-of-activities/). The suggestion is below.

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