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Regulatory surveillance

We will talks about parts 1 to 7 of the REGULATORY SURVEILLANCE in our webinar, and here we will focus on DELIVERABLES (8).

There are 4 deliverables:

1 – Daily Bulletin (DB): bulletin with the main sources of information, carefully cured, delivered every day until 10 am.

2 – Extraordinary Bulletin (EB): complementary bulletins, sent when the team detects information that has a potential impact on the # business, whether risks or opportunities, through correlations. Widely used to communicate and analyze events related to collegiate bodies.

3 – Regulatory Analysis Report (RAR): complementary reports, sent when the team detects information of higher complexity and that presents a great potential impact, important for decision making. They are delivered up to 15 days after detection. Widely used in the case of complex events or with extensive transversal impact.

4 – Navigable Database: Growing library of consolidated navigable normative acts, for consultation and comparison. These acts are being mapped in a visual and interactive way, divided by thematic lines, with some surprises for our future customers.

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