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Business goal of using regulatory intelligence

Having defined and differentiated the area of ​​#regulatoryintelligence, we set out for its great GOAL within the context of #negocio.

Seeing the achievement of this goal as a # continuous, structured and systematic process is what will allow the business to:

1 – PREVENT regulatory movements and trends;

2 – Consistently make the most assertive #decision based on the forecast;

3 – Conduct # effective actions to deal with points of attention;

4 – Repeat processes 1 to 3 🙂

It is only in this way, detecting and implementing competitive adaptations from a regulatory point of view, that the business will always be ready when the # regulation news reaches it, allowing the exploration of opportunities and the protection of risks with increasing operational efficiency!

Hence the term “actionable”, which sounds strange, but describes very precisely the goal of a good RI process, which is to support the business with information modeled for assertive decision and action.

#anvisa #regulatoryaffairs #medicaldevices

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