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Directed regulatory inquiry

Today we are going to talk about DIRECTED REGULATORY INQUIRY.

You will notice that there is a great similarity with the last part, with the variation of parts 1 and 2 of the flow.

The difference is that the base here is a research question that you ask us and that restricts our #focus, allowing a detailed and tailored answer, considering the context of your # business.

The DELIVERABLE, in this case, is a regulatory inquiry form, with the details shown in the image, always guided by reliable references, with well-structured regulatory arguments. Ready to present to interested parties!

Sample questions:

“How do I register my product in Switzerland?”

“I work in 10 countries. If I change my company’s fancy name, how does this affect the regulatory compliance of my products in each of them and what should I do about it? ”

“If I want to register products A, B and C in countries x, y and z, in what order should I do this to achieve the shortest possible Go To Market time for each product?”

The possibilities are endless!

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